Friday, May 05, 2006
A blog. Who would have thunk it.
Well, it's been a year and a half, and I'm still crocheting. I really enjoy it, and it's been sort of cool to watch my own progression from beginner to....advanced beginner. I think I may be really close to the intermediate point.

It seems like the time has come to blog my crochet. What I've done. Where it's gone. Whose patterns I use. What I've learned. One of these days I'd even like to take a stab at creating my own patterns.

So here it is: Wormie's Hooked on Crochet Blog.

Probably not the most exciting blog around. Not the most informative, not the most humorous. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be a fun place for me to track what I'm doing, share patterns, give and receive advice and just waste some more time on the web.


Anonymous George said...

You are brilliant and funny and a terrific person. Your blog is going to be a smash! Mazel tov!

Blogger Leslie said...

I'm excited to follow your blog, D. I think it will be fun, just like you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Wormie just love your blog!! I am doing crochet edging on fleece blankets for Project Linus and really use the X edging pattern that you posted. I have 55 blankets to do and would love to know if you had some more quick edging patterns that you use?

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