Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Baby Baby!!

More great hats for Marine Corps Kids!!! Crochetville's laurah4200 sent these three hats. The purple and yellow hats are my O Baby pattern. The lilac hat is a GREAT spiral design! I haven't seen anything like it, and I just love it!!! I'd love to try that pattern myself!!!

Thank you, Laura, for your support! Your work is beautiful!


Blogger Sara said...

I agree! That spiral is way cool! Hope Laura shares the pattern.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, oh! Please share the spiral beanie hat pattern. I am a collector of cute hat patterns. I am expecting my grand daughter in a couple of months, and I have been completing a few a week. I would love to continue to crochet and give to the Marine Corps Kids Charirty. My daughter represents Apple products to the Marines Exchsnges all over the world. She would love to know that her baby is wearing hats that the Marines kids are wearing as well .
With Many Thanks

P.S. Wormmie I love your blog site, read it every week!

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