Monday, November 30, 2009
Better than Chocolate

This scarf is for my honey who is celebrating his birthday on Friday. I bought him a gift early, and couldn't make him wait for it, but I wanted him to have something, even small like a scarf, to open on his birthday.

This scarf is a beautiful chenille, made with yarn purchased at a wonderful local weaving mill, The Textillery. They sell mill ends to the public, and I was able to buy some really sumptuous chenille.

The warp is a variegated yarn in brown, peach, yellow and blue. The weft is a chocolaty brown and black. The resulting fabric has a subtle mix of rich colors. From a distance it looks solid brown, but close up you can see all the warm color tones. It's really quite lovely, and the photo does nothing to show how incredibly soft and warm it is! I'm really quite pleased that I was able to create this!!!

I hope Hubby likes it as much as I do!


Blogger Ghost said...

Oh, I missed this one. Very nice.

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