Saturday, June 23, 2007
Sweet, Sweet Tiramisu

Since I first saw it, I just loved the Tiramisu Baby Blanket Pattern. I finally got around to trying the pattern. I'm using varigated yarn, and while I think it's beautiful, I love the cream version that the designer posted better.

I have a ways to go yet before I work on the edging, but much to my delight, I have managed to keep both edges of this blanket straight! I think that even though this is all Single Crochet, the simple pattern of doing two stiches together is helping me to not increase or decrease at the ends of rows.

This pattern is so simple and so very pretty. I used the tiramisu edging pattern for my "Sleep Tight, Little Lamb" blanket, and I can't wait to see how this blanket looks when it's finished! I'm using baby yarn so my gauge it more tight than the designers, and the overall blanket is newborn size, but I think it will be nice - and square! Of the sweet sweet taste of Tiramisu success!!

I hope to donate this to Marine Corps Kids which should be in full swing soon!


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