Saturday, June 23, 2007
I generally don't have more than one blog entry a day, and today I'm on my third.

I just read something that was incredible, frightening, beautiful and inspiring.

I did a bit of googling on the lovely Tiramisu Blanket from my last post and about it's designer, Alicia Paulson. While looking at some of her patterns and gorgeous work, I came across this
blog entry from last year. Reading it I was stuck by her bravery, her spirit and her wonderful writing skills. It's a tough story to read - she was run over by a garbage truck. I can't even imagine the pain and the fear, but her story is worth reading.

If I may quote one lovely passage:

I absolutely do not believe that everything happens for a reason; I never did, and I still don't. I believe that we fashion sense out of the things that happen, and create a kind of meaning in the result. And at the end of the day, you just gotta plow on through! There is no time to waste or worry.

What a strong lady!
And if you read her story, check out some of her beautiful craft work at her store link. She has an amazing talent!


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