Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Simple X-Stitch Edging

I used this edging with my Edgerydoo on my fleece Rub-a-Dub Ducky blanket, but it can easily be used to edge any crochet project. I like this edging because it’s not overly feminine, and is good to edge blankets for men and boys. It’s also great for babies, because the opening between stitches is small so tiny fingers won’t get too easily tangled in them.

I used baby weight yarn and a D (3mm) hook, but this pattern can work with any yarn and hook size.

Special Stitch: X-Stitch – The X-stitch is made by crossing two double crochet stitches over each other. Chain 3 (counts as your first DC). Yarn over and do a DC in the stitch to the right of your first DC (you are working backwards for this stitch). This creates your first “X”. (click on image to enlarge)

Then skip your first DC, skip the next stitch and do a DC in the following stitch. Yarn over and do a DC in the stitch that you skipped. Continue this pattern around for a row of “X”s.

If working with fleece, create your base row by doing a sc followed by 2 chain stitches in each hole. Then:

1) sc in each stitch around your work. Join w/ slip stitch
2) Work a row of X-stitches all the way around. Join w/ slip stitch to top of first DC
3) SC in BACK LOOP ONLY all the way around your work. Join w/ slip stitch and finish off.


Blogger Happy Knitter said...

Hi I have read your blog from the very beginning to the very end (ok I gleaned it for patterns you are an awesome crocheter)what is an edgeroo?

Blogger Wormie said...

Thank you, Tonya!

Edgerydoo is a kit to help with edging project. You can see check the edgerydoo website here:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are killing me! You keep posting all of these edgings and I can't make up my mind on which one I am doing next :)

Actually I went with this one on my next burper. Luckily I have done this stitch before so you don't have to hold my hand this time. I would have never thought to use this one on an edging but it looks great so far.

Thanks for posting all of your projects and sharing your ideas.

Blogger B. said...

Thank you for posting these pattern. I've been edging for years by wiggling my hook through the fabric...this edgerydoo thing could change that. I'm going to order it. Very exciting!!

Blogger Wormie said...

Becky, I hope you like Edgerydoo as much as I do! It's amazing!!!

Anonymous Carol Phillips said...

Is there any tricks to using the edgerydoo?

Blogger Wormie said...

Hi Carol. I don't think that there are any special "tricks" to use Edgerydoo. Just follow the instructions. It will help to make a board to punch the holes on. My husband made one for me very simply from a sheet of ceiling insulation. We just cut it to size and wrapped it with plastic wrap. Edgerydoo was created by my friend Marlene and her husband, and it is a really great product!

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