Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Pretty in Pink Poncho

Here is the fourth poncho in the series.

All of these where made using Aggie May's Baby Poncho Pattern.
All of these will be donated to Marine Corps Kids for the special request family.
The pink and orange ponchos follow the pattern, but were made with 2 strands of yarn and an M hook - these were made for the six year old girls. I gradated the color from light to dark for a gradual color change effect. The green baby poncho follows the pattern exactly and should fit the one year old. For the red, I increased the length of my starting chain - this should fit the four year old.
Now I'm off to fine a prefect pattern for something for the little boy.


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Too cute I love them all but what yarn did you use for the pink and orange one? Also what size hook and yarn did you use for the red b/c my youngest god daughter is 4?

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