Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Embrace-a-doo, make one for you!

I crochet just about every day - mostly charity projects and gifts. I almost never make anything for myself. For the first time, I have a project on my "to-do" list that's just for me!
When I fly, I am always freezing on the planes. I immediatly look for the blankets and grab one. I can get by without a pillow, but I just hate being cold. I know many people who are skeeved out by airline blankets and think they're dirty and gross. I never let it bother me - it's not like I put them in my mouth - I just like to keep warm.
Well, yesterday I flew, and the blanket just stank. It really needed to be laundered. I was freezing so I used the blanket, but it was the first time that it bothered me. When I was done with the blanket, it got folded and put back in the overhead for the next passenger. I have no idea how often those things get laundered.
That's when I decided that I needed to make myself a traveling Embrace-a-doo. It will keep me warm when flying, and I can launder it as much as I choose. If I use a thin fleece it will be warm enough to do the job, and small enough to roll into a tight ball and carry in my crochet bag.
I'm flying again later this week, and wish I could make one tonight. Unfortunately, the only fleece that I have right now is in baby patterns. I need to find a nice neutral fleece that is very thin so I can fold it up and take it with me.
I designed this to be a shawl for patients while they convalesce, but I really think it will serve well as a travelling blanket too!


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