Friday, August 24, 2007
Super Simple Edging

This edging is amazingly fast and simple to do, and looks very pretty!!!

You can use any worsted or baby weight yarn.

Punch holes in your fleece using Edgerydoo.

Base Row: SC through any pierced hole, chain 2, sc in next hole – all the way around fabric – join to first sc w/ slip stitch.

Row 1: SC in first sc, chain 3, sc in next sc. Repeat this pattern all the way around – join to first sc with slip stitch.

Row 2: slip stitch in first 2 chain stitches (this will position you in the center of your first “arch” from Row 1). *Chain 3, sc in the middle of the next arch* Repeat all the way around. Join w/ slip stitch to first sc.

That’s it! I won’t tell anyone how easy this is if you don’t!


Blogger kimby said...

You're the best thank you! I am making edges on baby soks using the sharp crochet hook but wanted a different edge.

Blogger kimby said...

I needed a different edging for some baby socks. Thank you so much. I am using the sharp crochet hook to put an edge on regular baby socks. It looks cute!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question, is the blanket 2ply? Or us it a already made receiving blanket? Want to make some and edge them.

Blogger Wormie said...

The blanket itself is just cut from soft fleece. It is one layer.

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