Saturday, August 25, 2007
Change of Plans

I sat down to make a chemo cap tonight, but a few rows in, I realized that it was going to be way too small, and that I was going to run out of yarn before I got it anywhere near the size I was aiming for. No biggie - I made a baby cap instead.

This was actually fun. I put away the pattern I was working on and improvised. When I got the basic cap to the size I wanted, I turned my work, and made the brim by working in the back loops only - that gave it a horizontal ridged look that I like. Then a row of back-loop only sc in pink, and it's a cute girly cap. Not what I planned, but a happy ending none the less.
And Tater likes it, too!

This one will be sent to Operation Marine Corps Kids. I might have to make some little pink booties to match.


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