Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is a fast and simple pattern for a fleece Embrace Shawl made with the Edgerydoo.

This pattern is great as a charity project for cancer centers, hospitals, nursing homes and hospice. It is for a ruana-like shawl or wrap – it has shoulders to stay put, and opens in the front so that it is easy to put on and take off – even with an IV.

Start with a piece of fleece – any color or pattern that you like.

Mine was 28” wide by 43” long. These measurements need not be exact – you want the width to be approximately twice the width of the wearer’s shoulders and the length to be approximately twice the length of shoulder to waist.

Fold the fabric in quarters and use the Edgerydoo to trim the edges, cutting curves in the bottom outside corners. After cutting, go ahead and use your Edgerydoo to pierce holes all the way around the edges.

Now refold the fabric once from top to bottom. In the center of the creased edge, you want to cut your neck-hole. Mark the center and use your 8” square template to cut out a square neck hole. (see picture below).

If you don’t have the square template, you can use the basic triangular Edgerydoo and simply mark the center and cut with either straight or curved corners (as shown in the photo below)

Now, refold the fabric once from side to side, and cut from the neckline down the front of the fabric (do NOT cut through the back)

Using your piercing tool, punch holes along both sides of the front opening and around the neckline.

Your finished fabric will look something like this:

The neckline may be square or round.

Now get your yarn and hook and add whatever edging you like. You can do a simple crochet edge all the way around – or get wild with fancy edging and colors.

If you have a square neck as shown above, fold back the corners and stitch in place to form a simple collar. If your neckline is round, leave it plain. If you choose, you can add ties to the front.

The pink shawl on the left has a shell edging pattern. The purple shawl on the right has a simple single crochet edge. The Embrace shawl below has pockets that were cut and pierced using the

Edgerydoo, and then sewn in place.

Have fun, get creative, and do share pictures of your work!

This is a copyrighted pattern. Please feel free to enjoy it for charity or personal us. You may link to this pattern, but please don't post it elsewhere without permission.


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