Sunday, December 06, 2009

I wove this scarf for my dear friend Sara who has given me so much with her graphic design work (including the header art for my blog).

The photo doesn't show the correct colors for the yarn, but it is a deep rich chocolate brown and a luxurious green chenille. Originally I thought it looked like mint chip ice cream, but as I worked it and the chenille showed it's luster, the scarf looked too rich for mere ice cream - it looked like decadent gelato.

The pattern is a simple hounds tooth, but since the yarn is flat the pattern appears condensed. I love the way the colors work together and hope Sara will like it too!


Blogger Sara said...

It's really gorgeous!

Blogger George Bounacos said...

I can help you sell it on eBay if you were just being nice, Sara.

Okay, okay, it's very purty.

But it would fetch a purty price too. And that's a compliment!

Blogger Ghost said...

I knew she would love it.

Blogger Sara Ascalon said...

George just made a comment to me about my scarf and I had to ask him what the hell he was talking about. I'm guessing he thought that I was Sara. Well, am I, but not the Sara who already posted (hi other Sara!).

Anyway, it IS gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And just in time for the cold weather.

Blogger George Bounacos said...


Wrong Sara. It's very pretty. Carry on.

Blogger Sandy said...

It's fabulous! As all your work always is.

Have lost some of my links for patterns when I switch computers, can you zap me the sweater pattern so many of us used for wee ones.


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