Friday, January 22, 2010
Hope for Haiti
I'm home tonight, and the Hope for Haiti Concert is on TV. We've all heard the heartbreaking stories since the quake hit. I can't imagine what the survivors are dealing with, and the strength and faith that they must all reach down into to get through this tragedy.

We donated last week, and now, during the concert, we're donating again. So while I hate to use my blog to ask people for money, I'm asking that you donate. I know money is tight. I'm out of work right now, and I'm trying to cut back on unnecessary spending, but giving to those whose need is greater than my own can't be unnecessary.

After living in South Florida and seeing the destructive forces of hurricanes, I've come to understand that a natural disaster can happen anywhere, and that it is by the grace of God that this happened to "them" instead of "us". If we don't give, we lose touch with our humanity. Even a single dollar means a lot to people who have lost everything.

So before I get to preachy, I'm asking that if you are reading this, please donate what you can. If it's one dollar or one hundred dollars - everything helps.

If you would like to donate, here are a few links:

Hope for Haiti Now


Doctors without Borders

Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund


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