Monday, January 04, 2010
It's been a while since I posted - I've let all the holidays go by, so I suppose it would only be polite to start by saying "Happy New Year". I think this year will be filled with some great things - or at least that's what I'm hoping for.

Haven't blogged much because I haven't done much. It occurred to me that while I like to crochet and weave, I'm not really Good at either. I'm not just being negative - I have made some beautiful crocheted and woven items, but I'm not anywhere near having the kind of expertise I would like with either craft - and I think it's because I'm lazy. I enjoy instant gratification and don't want to work on a project long term. I think that's why I love baby things - they're fast to make and allow me to have a finished object relatively quickly.

I decided that I needed to make some bigger projects, and that I would start by making a sweater or jacket for myself. I found a pattern that I think is cute on the Lion Brand site, bought 5 skeins ( I think I bought 6 so I'd have one extra) of Homespun and started crocheting. I must have forgotten that while I think Homespun is so pretty, I really don't like working with it, and I really don't like the look as it's crocheted. It's nice for afghans, but I don't think I like the way the sweater was shaping up. Somewhere in the middle I must have added some stitches. Then when it was time to shape the sleeves - something was just wrong. Luckily the yarn frogged beautifully and I was able to rip it out and salvage the entire skein. Saving the yarn was great, but the entire process seemed like a big failure.

Over the weekend, I decided to warp the loom. Got some chunky yarn on for the warp and used a thinner boucle for the weft. I knew that this would make an unbalanced fabric, but I like that look. What I didn't count on was my weave being cockeyed! I tried lashing on the warp instead of tying for the first time. Perhaps I lashed on incorrectly, but it's just not working. My weft is not pretty and straight. It's sort of....wobbly. I'm going to finish the piece because despite all that is wrong with it, the fabric is incredibly soft and sort of visually compelling. If I forget about all the things I know are wrong with the fabric, I can like it for its imperfect beauty.

So - I've been a bit negative about my crafting and need to make something fabulous to get back on track. Maybe my next piece will be it!

On a positive note, hubby and I bought Wii, Wii Fit and EA Sports Active. It was a big investment, but it's a lot cheaper than gym memberships and the EA Sports Active is quite the workout. I'm trying to start by doing 30 minutes a day to see if I can get back into shape and take off some excess weight. Don't know how well I'll do, but at least it's a fun way to try and get more active.


Blogger Ghost said...

I have missed you over the holidays. I, for one am glad they are over. Wish people would put as much effort in everyday life as they do in the holidays. I hope you will post a picture of your latest woven scarf when finished, I am dying to see it. I have not had a great start either. Started with the Catty Corner ghan and gave up on it already. I will turn the six squares I started into a purse or something. maybe the center to a rectangle ghan. Who knows. The rest of the projects are going well. So don't give up. I have always enjoyed the projects you display.

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