Monday, December 21, 2009
Ebb and Flow

Just took this scarf off the loom. I wove this with Cascade 220 in Summer Sky and Cascade Jewel Hand Dyed in Sapphire. The Jewel yarn is a thick-thin yarn, and I love the way the change in bulkiness adds texture to this simple weave! I tried to maintain a loose weave, embracing the space, and I love the way the warp shows in different lengths with the change in the weft thickness.

I was worried that my selvages would be too messy, but then I relaxed and just tried to maintain a consistent tension and not worry about the edges. You can clearly see the "ebb and flow" of the yarn in the selvages, and I like that.

This piece has inspired me to try and do some artistic wall hangings with my weaving. Now I just have to figure out how I want to get started!


Blogger Ghost said...

I like the loose weave too. And I think the edges add character to all of the scarves. Each one has a personality of it's own.

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