Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have another textured project on the loom. I'm using a pick up stick to create weft floats on the front of this scarf.

I used 2 different purple yarns. The weft is slightly darker than the warp. On the actual piece, the color contrast isn't visible, but I think that using the 2 tones adds to the texture of the finished fabric.

I'm doing a simple pattern of 3 weft floats followed by a row of normal weave. What I'm loving about the scarf is that the bottom side pattern has vertical warp floats that are creating vertical ribs down the length of the scarf. I won't be able to photograph that side until I complete the piece and remove it from the warp, but I think that this is going to be nice on both sides and provide 2 different looks for the wearer.


Blogger Ghost said...

Oh this is outstanding as a pattern. REally love this one. Can't wait to see the other side. OH and I am working on that entry and fixing it then I will move it up to a new date so it will post first. That way you won't have to keep checking.

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