Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Tinkerbelle spewed

Despite the name, I really love this scarf!

I wove it from Cascade 220 Peruvian Wool in Purple and Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair in Rainbow Falls.

I made a bad mistake, initially warping the loom with the Mohair yarn. The fibers of the yarn clung together and I couldn't open a shed on the loom. I thought the entire skein was wasted.

Instead I cut off the warp strands, and rewarped with the Purple Cascade yarn. Then I used to short pieces of the mohair to randomly work in stripes or partial stripes in the weft.

I love the finished piece. The purple is a rich dark grape color, and the bright splashes of color and metalic from the mohair add a fun bit of color and pizazz.


Blogger Ghost said...

So artistic looking and I love the textured look of the two yarns together.

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