Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Sunshiny Day

Not here today. Another COLD and cloudy day, but this cheery blanket is sun-shiny!

I had almost forgotten how fast and easy it is to make a receiving blanket with the Edgerydoo! I love Edgerydoo.

This little blanket will be donated to Marine Corps Kids.


Blogger Ghost said...

Oh I love those fleece blankets they are so soft. I never had any success with the edgerdoo. YOu edging is really nice and very even. It is very spring like. Just what a person needs when they live in the cold temps of winter.

Blogger Ghost said...

Hahahaha! I posted that way back in the date so no one would see it. It has been on my sidebar all year long. I just removed it today. All the things that are on that list are things I posted links for when I did them. I will go back through my blog and grab the links and add them to the project. You are the only one who saw it or commented on it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, me like! It looks like a really cheerful and warm, cozy blanket. What else would a little one need to stay warm and toasty?! TOTAL comfort!

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