Sunday, December 13, 2009
Insomniac Musing

My battle with insomnia continues. I decided that I can't continue to take Ambien (as well as it does work), and getting off the stuff is hard. I haven't had any of the withdrawl symptoms that I've read about, but I do have horrible insomnia again. I'll be up all night, and then crash the next day. Another few days and I should be back on some normal sleep schedule, but right now I'm a mess.

It's taking its toll on my crafting. Still not able to crochet much, though I do have some really cute fleece, and plan to make some more Edgerydoo blankets.

I do have a project on the loom. I got my Betty Davenport book and am working on a simple textured scarf with weft floats. I'm using a taupe chenille, and the yarn has so much sheen, the texture doesn't show well in the photo. If you look closely you can see some horizontal stripes across the scarf. These are weft floats that look like ribbon across the piece. I'm pleased with the way the project is coming, but working with a defined pattern takes more time than simple weaving, and with my sleep issues, it's been slow going. I think it will be pretty when I finally finish it.

Until then....happy sleeping!


Blogger Ghost said...

Sorry you can't sleep but as to the scarf I think with the yarn your using and the photo you posted it looks almost like a basket weave. Very nice. Rich and warm colors too.

Blogger Sara said...

It looks so delightfully squishy!

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