Friday, December 18, 2009
Purple Cloud

I finished my second project using a pick up stick, and am just delighted with how it turned out. I feel like with this project I've moved from beginning status as a weaver to advanced beginner!

When weaving, I created a pattern of weft floats on the top of the fabric. It looks very pretty on the finished piece, but the real beauty of the piece is in the warp floats on the bottom side of the fabric. That side of the material has vertical chains down the length of the fabric. I'm just delighted with the way it looks.

Except for an inordinate amount of cat hair that has woven itself into this piece, I haven't found any obvious weaving errors. My selvages could be neater, but that's something I'm still working on.

I was afraid that the two purples I used for this project were to close in color, but the subtle combination adds something to the texture of the fabric. Also, on the warp float side, the lighter yarn is highlighted in the floats, which, I think, adds to the beauty.

I still have a lot to learn, but I'm very pleased with my work on this scarf!


Blogger Ghost said...

Each new scarf you make seems to be my favorite. I just love this one as much as you do.

Blogger Sandy said...

It's beautiful. Love both the color and the texture and I would definitely say you're not a beginner anymore. Well done.

Been making my rounds through all on my bloglog today from Sandy's Space to wish all a Merry Christmas, in case I run short of time later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to be addicted to your weaving loom. I'm glad your having so much fun! I think this is probably the best scarf I've seen, although I like many others you have made before.

There is just something about cables, and raised textures!

Congratulations on another beautiful piece!


Crochet Mom

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