Saturday, December 19, 2009
The beautiful rich earth-tones of this scarf inspired it's name. It reminds me of rich fertile soil - Dirt seemed a better name than soil.

This was made with 3 different chenilles - a rich brown, deep red, and variegated tones.

I had some problems with tension on my warp for this scarf, and had to rig up some weight for the back beam by slipping a small wrench over a jump ring. I worked very loosely trying to keep the weave open and light. The end result is nice, but the piece was a bear to finish.

I love the rich fabrics that I can make with chenille, but find it very difficult to work with. I better get used to it.....I think I have a lifetime supply of some of these colors!


Blogger Ghost said...

Nice earthy tones. I can see a tree in its colors.

Anonymous Sherri I said...

Would you please remind us of the loom you are using?

How did you learn to weave?

Your scarves are always so pretty. Thanks for sharing

Blogger Wormie said...

Thank you Sherri!
I'm using a 32" Ashford Rigid Heddle loom.

My first attempt at weaving was after watching some You Tube instructions. I did take an intro class after that which was good to learn the basics. Now I'm just playing around and trying to learn new techniques through reading and playing online.

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