Thursday, December 24, 2009
This is one of those weaving projects that should be stunning, but isn't.

I really like the way the weave pattern works. The warp floats, I think, are really interesting and create a rich pattern of color and texture. So much went wrong with this piece though - from the very beginning.

First, when I set up the pick up stick, I was off center. Therefore the selvages don't match and the pattern is pushed to one side of the scarf.

Then, when weaving, I made a mistake. When trying to correct it, I tangled the yarn and created a mess. I tried to fix it, but instead I accidentally pulled out the pick up stick.

That's when I gave up. I decided to cut my losses and remove what I had from the loom. The scarf it much shorter than I planned, but given the cock-eyed pattern, I'm glad I didn't invest more yarn. The pink weft yarn is a baby alpaca.

The good news is, I used a ball of the alpaca and then messed up just before I started a second ball, so I didn't waste some beautiful yarn. Also, while the scarf is short, and its too imperfect to be a gift, I can still wear it. Tucked into a jacket, the mis-matched selvages won't show, but the fun pattern will.

So....this piece is pretty disappointing, but in the end I do have something I can use.


Blogger Ghost said...

Sorry I am late getting here I had lost my connection. No clue why. I see railroad tracks in this one or Roman Numerals.

Blogger Sandy said...

Sorry you had troubles with it, baby alpaca yarn isn't cheap so I probably would have done the same.

Happy New Years

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks pretty nice to me.

Digital pictures don't do all justice sometimes.

This sort of reminds me of the argyle and plaid patterns.

Crochet Mom

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