Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Knitting or Crocheting Under Cover of Darkness
Saw this article on the web, and thought it was cute.

WEST CAPE MAY— Someone is spinning quite a yarn over this shore town.

Dubbed "The Midnight Knitter" by residents, someone is covering tree branches and lamp poles with little sweaters under cover of darkness.

Of course the writer of the article needs to get a few facts straight. How can a "Midnight knitter" be practicing "guerrilla crocheting"?

In any case, it involves pretty little things made of yarn, so it's all good. Wish the article had included some photos of her work!


Blogger Ghost said...

I like your new ghan. I saw that article this morning and there are pictures if you click on some of the links.

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks, Ghost!!
I found the photo! Cute!

Blogger Ghost said...

Oh I forgot. when they say little sweaters that is just what they are calling the covers of the trees, a sweater.

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