Thursday, May 11, 2006
So much yarn - so little time
My yarn runneth over. I have yarn in the closet, in a chest, in my extra karaoke machine bag, in a huge plastic tub, filling the recliner in the office and a few bags full of yarn on the floor. I think this may be a problem. I blame my friend who got me started on crochet - Red, you know who you are!

Anyway, I tend to work on just one project at a time, so why so much extra yarn? I can understand that I might have some scraps and partial skeins around, but how did I get such a stash? I know that crocheters all over the world have a similar problem. Our yarn accumulates faster than we can hook it. I see so many projects that I just have to make and I buy the yarn - or I see a sale - can't pass up a yarn bargain!

I think that I should try to get organized. I should make a list on my PC of all the projects that I want to make. I should prioritize the projects. I should record which yarn I plan to use and that I already have it. I should add new projects only to the bottom of the list. I should work down the list in order.

"Should" that's a funny word. A dear friend once told me that we should eliminate the word "should" from our vocabulary. Who cares what we "should" do. We're either going to do something or we're not. Should is just a word that creates guilt. So.....

I think that I will not make this list; I think that I shall continue to add to my stash. I think that I shall continue to look at amazement at the incredible amount of yarn that is taking over my house. I will be happy that I have a hobby that I enjoy, that I can afford, and that I can share with others.

Yarn is good. Life is good. Life it too short to deprive oneself of yarn.


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