Monday, March 12, 2007
Convoluted Relationships
If you've read my blog at all, you know that I have a niece, and you know that my niece has an adorable baby girl who is my great-niece.


My great niece's grandma, is my niece's mom, is my Ex-husband's brother's Ex-wife, which makes her my.....Ex-Sister-in-law? And HER sister would be my......friend.

So, my good friend Sue who happens to be my great-niece's great-aunt, sent these beautiful hats to me for Marine Corps Kids.

She made these on the Knifty Knitter, and they're so warm, and soft and cuddly. Five hats for newborns and 2 for older kids - one decorated with colorful pony beads! Thanks Sue! Your work is beautiful and its so great of you to support the charity!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My head is spinning from that convoluted relationship explanation...and I am your exhusband's brother's exwife with the daughter, sister and granddaughter. Just goes to show that family is who you make it. Love,

Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

That is too funny! I am glad that you are my dad's ex-wife's (my mom) ex-sister in law to my uncle! Is that right? And your great niece is lucky to have you. Now you have to meet her!

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