Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Sunshine Square Pattern - 6"

Thank you to the crocheters who helped me test this pattern and refine the instructions. I think it's now ready to share, and I'm really pleased with this design. I think it's a pretty pattern, and I really worked hard at getting this one right.

I'm sharing this pattern for free. It is my original copyrighted pattern. Feel free to use it for charity and personal use. Do not copy it onto other websites or sell it, but feel free to link to it here. I designed this square specifically to use for blankets for Operation Marine Corps Kids. I hope that you'll use and enjoy this pattern for your charity of choice and for personal projects, but if you have it in your heart to send at least one completed square to Operations Marine Corps Kids, it would be very much appreciated. The donation address is given below.

Sunshine Square 6”
By Wormie

Small amounts of Sport Weight yarn in 2 colors
I used Softee Baby yarn and a G Hook

With Color A
Ch 8, join w/ slip stitch to 1st chain to form loop

1) **Sc in loop, ch 5, sc in loop, sc in loop, ch 7, sc in loop** repeat from ** to **3 times, join with ss to first sc (4 chain 5 loops, 4 chain 7loops)

2) ss into 1st chain 5 loop, chain 4 (1st tc) 2 tc, ch 2, 5 dc in chain 7 loop, ch 2, **3 tc in chain 5 loop, chain 2, 5 dc in chain 7 loop, chain 2 ** repeat from** to ** 2 times, join w/ slip stitch to 4th chain of 1st chain 5

3) ch 3, dc in next 2 tc, 2 dc in chain 2 space, dc in next 2 dc, 2tc, chain 3, 2, tc in next stitch (corner formed), **dc in each stitch and chain space across next side (total of 11 dc), 2tc, ch 3, 2tc in next corner stitch**, repeat ** on last 2 sides, dc in next 4 stitches, join w/ ss to top of first chain 4. finish off

4) attach color B w/ slip stitch to any corner space. 2dc, ch 3, 2dc in corner space,**15 dc along side, 2dc, ch 3 , 2 dc in corner space**, repeat from** to ** on two remaining sides, join w/ slip stitch

5) Slip stitch into corner – 2dc, ch 3, 2dc in each corner – dc along each side, join w/ slip stitch

6) Repeat row 5 – finish off.

This is an original and copyrighted pattern. Please feel free to use this pattern for charity and/or personal use, but do not sell the pattern or post it to other sites. You may post links to this site.
I ask that if you use this pattern please consider donating at least one finished square to:

Marine Corps Kids
1570 LaCosta Drive West
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice design. Thank you for the pattern.

Anonymous Lynn said...

What an adorable pattern! I love it and it makes me smile. :-)

Blogger Sandy said...

Doing more looking around today, hadn't seen this pattern before. Really like it. Have you tried it with regular worsted weight yarn?

Since this was a while ago, was unsure if you were still wanting squares?


Blogger Sandy said...

Oophs...also forgot, wanted to ask if you've done the pattern with a solid color?


Blogger Wormie said...

Yes, I've done this w/ worsted weight. It makes a square approx. 8'.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you left out one part of the pattern on round 3. It says to dc in each st across and in chain 2 spaces but you need to put 2dc in chain 2 spaces

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks so much for your comment. I went back and double checked my pattern and the stitch count. In the squares I made the count is as stated in the pattern. I have 11 dc across the row and then 2tc-ch2-2tc in each corner.

If this works for you with 2 stitches in the chain-2 space - go for it. It might make the loop more pronounced.

I'm going to try it your way - it might look better.


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