Wednesday, July 25, 2007
A long needed break!

Tomorrow, in the wee hours of the morning, hubby and I leave for a long weekend vacation!

Work and life have kept us from having any type of vacation since we've met - we never even had a chance for a honeymoon! So tomorrow we fly to Buffalo. Not the most popular vacation site in the country, but a chance to see a dear friend, visit Niagara Falls, get away from the heat and humidity of Florida, and see some of the beauty of Upstate NY.

Life has been very stressful for the past few months - lots of demands and deadlines, and it's taken it's toll on me physically and emotionally. My hubby is a saint - he's been so supportive! So this weekend will be a chance for us to get away and recharge, and then when we get back, it'll be the start of a happier and less-stressful rest of our lives.

I see lots of change in our future, and I'm so so ready for it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The falls are a wonderful place to visit. Enjoy!

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