Monday, July 23, 2007
My Mile-a-Minute took a detour!


I finally tried my first mile-a-minute blanket. Fast, easy, I like it!

Whoever decided that mile-a-minutes are fast, lied - they take some time.
Silly me - I completed 9 out of 12 strips and finished 2 before I layed them out. They're all the correct number of stitches. They're all a unique length.

What a waste of yarn.


Anonymous phd said...

If you used the same size yarn for your strips, the number of stitches is the important part. To make them the same length in inches, simply stretch them to the same size.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People from Indiana are called Hoosiers........

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You now have several "skinny scarves" can be given to charity or used as a belt.

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