Monday, September 24, 2007
Boy's Set

After making ponchos for four sisters, I was stumped by the question of what to make for their brother. I decided on a hoodie sweater, and have it half made. Unfortunately, the front, back and sleeve that is done, don't seem to line up properly. Rather than making the last sleeve and hood and hoping for a miracle, I decided to make something else that I know I could finish without disaster.

I decided on a scaled down version of my Racer Cap pattern (I started with 10 stitches instead of 11 in the beginning round, and had just 60 stitches per round for the checkerboard section). It turned out well. I then made a little scarf to match, and I think the set is cute.

Since the girls are all getting ponchos, I would have preferred a sweater for the boy, but with the move almost upon me, and little crochet time between all the packing, this set allowed me to make something that works and that I hope a four year old boy might like. And who knows. When time allows, I'll try and finish that hoodie. Maybe I can make it work.

This set and the four ponchos were made for a special family and will be donated to Marine Corps Kids.


That's it! I'm going to hafta bookmark yer blog and link to it. I LOVE IT! You have sooo many wonderful crochet things! I have three boys that would SO LOVE racer hats! (((((HUGS)))))) sandi

Anonymous Jeanie said...

My 3 yr old would love this cute set! He loves the movie "Cars" and this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing the pattern, now I just have to scale it down, hmmmm. Great job!

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