Saturday, October 13, 2007
Hooking Withdrawl
Well, we've been here for a week, and it's been hectic. The furniture was delivered, but the house that we're renting, while a great house, is much smaller than the one I own, and the furniture and boxes more than fill it up. There are boxes everywhere, and while we're making some good progress in getting things unpacked, its a job to figure out what must stay packed, what must get re-packed and where all the unpacked things will go. Another week and we should be in good shape - I hope.

My first week at work was great. I think I got very lucky to land a job with a great company. The management and all my co-workers have been wonderful and have really made me feel welcomed. I hope to be here for a long time - this could be a fabulous career change for me.

Hubby and I are both really enjoying the town. It's very pretty here, and while it's a small town, there is quite a lot to do. Amazing restaurants, good local shopping, great scenic drives and lots of cultural events to look forwards to. This town really offers a lot in the way of music, theater and art; and in a few weeks the Dali Lama is coming to visit (his brother lives here)!

I'm totally exhausted and can't seem to get enough sleep, but I have no complaints. This is all exciting.

With all the change though, I haven't crocheted even one chain in over a week!!! I haven't gone for more than a day without crochet since I began, so this is odd. I have a HUGE yarn stash, and bagged it up to use as packing material, so what was once a relatively organized supply, is now all over the place. I hope to get it reorganized in the next few days and get busy. Now, not only do I need to get busy with my charity projects, but I can use a few hats and scarves for myself! It's been COLD!!!


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