Sunday, February 08, 2009
Today I experimented with some new (for me) crochet techniques. It was fun.

The pink swatch was done to play with some crochet weaving techniques. The background is just some stripes made with a sc-ch 1 pattern. Then working in the chain spaces, I tried 2 different methods. On the right you see simple weaving. This is just two strands basket weaved through the stitches. It's an easy way to add some color and to create a plaid pattern, but I didn't find it to be very fun. To the left, I tried a slip stitch textured stripe. This is easy and fun. I held the yarn behind the piece, and worked slip stitches through the chain 1 spaces. I really liked this. It adds a bit of texture and gives a nice finished look. I can see using this technique to trim blankets and baby clothing. I think I'll do this a lot.

Next I wanted to try my hand at broomstick lace. First I had to do some research to find out what Broomstick lace is. There are some great tutorials. I found the instructions on Crochet Cabana to be very helpful. This green swatch was my first attempt.

I used a size 15 knitting needle and an H hook. The worsted weight yarn was too think for these tools. This swatch contains several mistakes.

I realized that I probably needed to use a MUCH thicker knitting needle (or broomstick). Instead I switched to some very thin yarn and an E hook.

The variegated blue swatch is my second attempt at broomstick lace, and this one came out much better. This technique is really fun. It's a fun way to crochet in a whole new way.

I think I'll need to get a really HUGE broomstick so I can try this technique on full projects. I think it would make a lovely baby blanket with a baby weight yarn.


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