Saturday, February 07, 2009
Things I Can't Afford
When I go to the independent yarn stores, there are magnificent yarns that I like to look at and drool over, but that I would never buy. I feel like I'm still too much a beginner to deserve to use the really magnificent yarns, and I'm much to thrifty to spend the money to buy them.

I do, however, allow myself a treat every time I go visit In a Yarn Basket. I never leave there without buying at least one mystery bag.

Last time I went, I purchased a $10 bag. In it were the two balls of yarn shown here. The ball on the left is Tilli Tomas Aspen Ethereal Delight. It's a magnificently soft Australian Merino Wool. The colors are muted blue, green, lilac and yellow - it's not nearly as pastel-like as the photo would have you believe. The ball on the Right is Tilli Tomas Himalaya Silk. The photo doesn't show the beauty of the color and texture of this yarn.

These two small balls of yarn would have cost me $18.50, so I feel like my $10 purchase was a bargain!!! I must admit though, that I was intimidated to actually use such beautiful yarn!

There isn't much of it, so I decided to make a scarf, and having read sections of several crochet books this morning and Barnes & Noble, I decided to try and weave the silk through the wool. I have no idea how this will look, and if it's a nightmare I'll be horrified to have ruined such lovely yarn.

I can't afford to grow accustomed to these yarns, but I must admit that working with them is a delight!


Anonymous Renee Hall said...

You are most certainly deserving of beautiful yarn! I am also thrifty so maybe enter your work in some open contests or offer a crochet class through your LYS. I'm currently coveting the most beautiful silk skein right now that is $35...

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