Monday, February 01, 2010

The octagon motif project is progressing. This will take some time, but I've gotten into a groove with the pattern, and I'm now finding it somewhat relaxing. The changing of colors and joining (as I go) are no longer tedious. I think it will be some time before this is a size that will work as a carriage cover, but I have time.

I also have another baby blanket on the loom that I'm working on. Working on wider projects takes much longer for me than narrow items - it involves a lot more yarn work and is harder to get the weaving even. I'm sure this is because I'm still a beginner, and that I'll improve as I continue to practice.


Blogger Ghost said...

Every place I go I see things I want to make. I have seen this ghan other places also but yours makes me want to delve in but I have so much to finish up now. I will add it to my list though.

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