Friday, March 19, 2010
On the Loom
This work in progress is what's currently on my loom.

I warped the loom with a brick-red thin chenille. The weft is Lion Brand Homespun. I LOVE the way the colors are mixing! The new fabric is warm, rich and textured!

I really don't enjoy working with Homespun on crochet projects. I bought many skeins in this color to make a sweater, and hated working with it so much that I frogged the entire thing. Homespun is absolutely delightful to weave with though! The texture in the yarn places itself between the warp yarns, and creates such a delightfully textured tight weave.

The last few projects that I've woven were baby blankets that took up the entire width of the loom. I found them very difficult to complete. To do wider projects, I have to hold my arms out in a very wide stance, and it's physically uncomfortable for me. This project is a thinner shawl width, and I'm really enjoying the feel of weaving again!


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