Saturday, May 08, 2010
RIP Scooter
This morning we had to say goodbye to our cat Scooter. He had sudden onset kidney failure, and the vet didn't think that he would recover with any quality of life.


The decision was hard because his illness came on rather quickly, but we know we did the right thing in putting him to sleep. We're sure going to miss him though.

Scooter was not the easiest cat to get along with. He was demanding and cantankerous. He liked to have things his way and would try to bite when things didn't go according to his plans. He could be a brute and a bully with the other cats, and he was moody with us. He had spirit though. He got mad, but he also loved big.

I'll miss the enthusiasm with which he greeted us when we came home. I'll miss the way he demanded snuggles when he needed them, but left us as soon as his snuggle needs were met. I'll miss the sound of his meowing when hubby left the house and seeing Scooter run to greet him when he returned.

I know that Scooter had a good life. He was loved, and he gave us a lot of love in return. Goodbye my fuzzy little beast - I'm going to miss you more than you know.


Blogger Sara said...

((Hugs)) I'm so sorry :-(

Blogger Ghost said...

It is sad when this is necessary but I do understand your loss as I have been through it twice now. Hugs!

Anonymous sandy said...

Nice picture. I know years ago when we made the decision to put a pet down it's not easy; but I also know you made the right choice. The choice for them vs the choice for ourselves.

Hugs for your loss

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