Saturday, March 20, 2010
I knooked!

I just finished my first attempt at knooking! I can't believe how fast and easy it is compared to knitting. I can master the basic stitches in knitting, but my work is sloppy and my tension a mess. With knooking, you hold the piece similar to that in crochet, so the whole process felt so much more natural to me. I was able to complete a wash cloth in less than 2 hours.

This was made with all knit stitch. I used kitchen cotton, and I'm amazed at how textured and soft the fabric feels.

Now I have to master the purl stitch. As with real knitting, that stitch feels very unnatural to me, and is awkward to complete. If I can master it, I should be able to complete some neat "knitting" projects using the hook!


Blogger Mel said...

Okay, now I just HAVE to give this a try. I absolutely love the feel and use of knitted dishcloths, but I can't knit. Well, I can, but like you my tension is all over the place. I did see a video of this a while back, and it looked neat but I didn't think much more of it at the time... now I think I'll need to do some more investigation! LOL Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Blogger Sandy said...

knooking? Wow, I've never heard of it, or seen it. Not on line or in any store. I knit and crochet, and have looms; but knooking...hum, must see what it is.

Love the colors of your washcloth, but the last one's I made I found I really didn't like working with cotton. It was hard on my hands. What type did you use?


Blogger Ghost said...

something I have not heard of or tried yet.

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