Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Back in the saddle
I haven't blogged much lately because I haven't done much crafting. I'm still working slowly on the hexagon baby blanket, but haven't completed anything on the loom. I did edge about ten baby blankets for Marine Corps Kids, but didn't photograph them before sending them off.

My friend Sarah asked me to weave a prayer shawl for her, and we went to buy the yarn today. She selected some beautiful Mango Moon Recycled Silk for the weft and a beautiful royal blue silk for the warp. The yarn is so beautiful - I can't wait to start weaving!!! I'm off to finish the little scarf that I have on the loom so I can start working with the silk!


Anonymous sandy said...

Little breaks are good. Hey, I've got some odds and ends that people sent for the homeless; but we don't collect for babies. They vary in size, could you use them for Marine Corp Kids?


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