Friday, April 08, 2011
My baby girl turns 4

Since my last post about the dog a lot has changed. First of all, we changed her name to Lola. We believe that she was abused by her former owners - perhaps not physically abused, but we think she was not given a lot of love and was yelled out. She's very fearful of men and she gets scared easily. It was suggested that we change her name so that she does not associate it with the way she used to be treated. She's a sweet girl so we thought Lola suited her well.

She is our darling. Tater the cat is not in love with her yet, but they are tolerating each other as well as we could have hoped. Lola ignores Tater and he deals with her. If she gets too close he hisses at her, but we haven't had any altercations.

On Tuesday I took Lola to school. We had a great trainer named Deb. She said that Lola doesn't need training - she's a good dog and well behaved. What she needs is to be more assertive. Lola is very attached to me and very fearful of others. We're working with her to overcome her fears - this involves a lot of hot dog treats with Lola seems to enjoy tremendously!

Today is Lola's fourth birthday! For the occasion I bought her a birthday hat (which she wasn't thrilled with but tolerated for a few photos) and baked her a peanut butter delight cake which she liked very much!


Blogger Ghost said...

That is such a sweet thing to do. I need to post about the outfit for Luna that I made. Sis sent me pictures.

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