Sunday, October 17, 2010
It's finally finished!!!

It's taken months, but I've finally finished my hexagon baby blanket!!!

This project has become my Knitwitz project. I go to a Sunday morning knitting/crocheting group (Knitwitz) every week, and that's the only time I have worked on this blanket for a very very long time. I think I spent longer working on this blanket than anything I've made before. This morning I finished the white edging and it's more or less done!

I'm planning to give this blanket to my niece for her second baby who isn't yet conceived (unless someone has something she wants to tell me!) so it will be some time before this blanket gets its baby. Once I know if it's a boy or a girl I'll add one row of pink or blue single crochet to finish it off.

I think it's cheery and warm and look forward to seeing it around the baby!


Blogger Jeanette said...

Beautiful!!!! Good Job. Hod did you put it together or did you crochet it as one piece?

Blogger Wormie said...

Thank you, Jeanette! I joined the motifs as I went, so there was no sewing for this one.

Blogger Teen2 said...

Thats gorgeous... i love the colours.
congrats on finishing it... :))

Blogger Sandy said...

Turned out very nice. Hope you find out what color to add for the trim soon. Hate to see such a pretty blanket waiting and not being used.

Blogger Sandy said...

Me, again. I've popped in so often to see how you're doing, but haven't seen you post in quite awhile. Thought I'd go ahead this time and leave you a note. I do hope everything's ok, when you don't post for so long I wonder.
Thought I'd pop in and say hi to everyone today from Sandy's Space.

Blogger Sandy said...

So many of my blog friends seem not to be blogging any more. Sad, really, not sure why people have stopped updating or visiting etc. But, do hope all is well with you. Stopping in from Sandy's Space to say Happy New Years to you and yours.

Blogger Faith said...

I can relate to the hexy blanket....and how long they take..I finally finished mine up after 2 years...the joining...not a favorite. But the finished product, as is yours...beautiful and worth the effort...I sewed my hexy's together...not with thread but yarn...

Happy day and blessings to you.

Blogger AgsEliza said...

That blanket is just beautiful!! You did a lovely job. I am somewhat of a crochet beginner, but I'm wondering if I can tackle a blanket like this? Is there a specific pattern, or is this something you created yourself? Again, just lovely! :))

Blogger Wormie said...

Thank you!!
The pattern can be found here:
It's not difficult to make the hexagons, but you may find the joining a little tricky. Try it!! Good luck!

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