Thursday, August 05, 2010
still crocheting hexagons!

I haven't abandoned my hexagon baby blanket. This is a project that I seem to work on only during my Sunday knitting group. Therefore it only gets about an hour and a half of my time each week. It's growing though, and soon it will be complete. Then I'll edge it in pink or blue for a finished blanket.


Anonymous sandy said...

Sooooooooo pretty, beautiful colors; but all those ends to tuck make me groan. lol


Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

Delia...I LOVE this! I want to put in an order for a possible, future baby to be! :)

Blogger Wormie said...

Silly Jessica! I'm making this blanket for possible, future baby to be!!! And when he/she is conceived and you know if it's a boy or girl, I'll edge it in either pink or blue! :-D

Blogger Ghost said...

love all the new textures you are using for your scarfs.

Blogger wishes398 said...

Wow this is beautiful. I love the color combinations. A lot of work has been put into this . I love your work. I am a new blogger and would love it if you checked out my blog and told me what you think. The address is

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