Thursday, July 22, 2010
Georgena's Scarf

Today I finished the silk scarf I was working on. I just love the way the colors worked up with this yarn!!!

I went back to In a Yarn Basket to show Linda how her yarn worked up, and bought some amazing pink/purple chenille! Can't wait to start a new project with that!


Blogger Bree said...

This turned out so beautiful!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! Fellow crafter here. I read your profile and just had to wonder what in the heck an Indianaoian is. . . I'm a fellow Hoosier, but I was guessing you're probably originally from Ohio?

Blogger Wormie said...

Hi Mildmaid! LOL - no I'm not from Ohio - I'm just being a smart aleck. I'm not sure what a Hoosier is, but I'm one of them.

Thanks for reading!

Blogger Rita Rosen said...

I just love the color of this scarf. It looks like it was weaved together. It looks hard. Beautiful work. Rita

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