Saturday, June 16, 2012
I threw my back out and have spent the greater part of the last two weeks lying flat in bed.  This has not been conducive to knitting or much else.  Today, however, I was feeling well enough to prop myself up on pillows and do some knitting.  It felt great!!!

I completed the second half of my beaded scarf, and took a stab at the kitchner stitch to join the two halves.  

My kitchner stitch was not perfect - it seems like the second half of the seam is fine, but the first inch or so seems a bit off.  Still, it's not really noticeable, and I'm happy that my first try was relatively successful!

I love this scarf!  It took a while, but was fun to make!  I still have to wash and block it (if you look closely you can see the cat hair on the scarf), but I'm very proud at my first attempt at knitting with beads.  I can't wait to make more and to try to come up with my own variations on the bead work.

Not sure if I'll keep this one for myself or make a gift of it, but I'm relishing the feeling of being productive today and completing this project!


Blogger strawberry12312 said...

it looks gorgeous i love it i didnt even know it had beads

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