Sunday, May 14, 2006
My first felting project

I had not heard of felting until quite recently, and I wanted to try it. Basically felting or fulling is when you take something made of wool (or another natural fiber) and expose it to severe temperature change and a change in alkaline. I don't know the science of it, but you change something from crocheted or knit yarn to felt - the threads sort of fuse.

This is my first attempt. I used blue heather Briggs Little Heritage wool that I got in a yarn swap with a fellow crocheter in Canada, and some gorgeous varigated Marino wool by Tahki Yarns that my sister generously bought for me. The photos show the yarn, the crocheted bag, and the bag blocked and drying after felting.

I still see the stitches, so perhaps I should have felted it more, but I think it came out pretty!

I made this one for my Mother-in-law, Carole.

And speaking of Mothers - Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!


Blogger Leanne (Lunatic84) said...

The bag turned out great! I'm glad that the Briggs and Little made it safely to you. I can't wait to try felting it now. ~Leanne

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks Leanne! The yarn worked up really well! Thanks for sending it!
I used almost 2 hanks for this. It was fun!

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