Sunday, October 01, 2006
I think I have a problem.
My stash.

I have a lot of yarn. Recently I bought a hanging closet organizer on eBay to hold some of it. Who knew that yarn was so heavy? The think ripped. So I layed it out sideways along the top shelf of the closet and stuffed all the compartments full with yarn.

Today, I went to Target. They had a more sturdy closet organizer. I bought it, hung it in the closet and stuffed it full of yarn. They are both stuffed, plus the three plastic bins on the closet shelves. Then I remembered that the cabinet in the guest room is full of yarn. I can't fit it into the closet.

I have a lot of yarn. The funny thing is that I have so many duplicate skiens. Lots and lots of duplicates, which is good to have to make a large blanket or layette set, but since I'm not working on any sets now means I'm just hoarding. So....I think I've learned something. I need to get more of these closet things and get ALL the yarn in one location so that I can easily see just how enormous my stash is. Then I can plan my projects accordingly, use up what I have, and be able to buy more with "a plan".


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