Sunday, September 17, 2006
Design Den - Carole's Embrace

For the last week I've been working on a project that is my first "real" design (not just a kitty pad). My mother-in-law is having hip-replacement surgery this week, and I wanted to make her something to take with her while recovering. I knew that I couldn't make a sweater for her, because she doesn't live nearby and getting something to fit properly would be a big challenge. Then I thought I'd make a shawl, but I didn't want anything loose that could slip off her shoulders and get in the way when she uses a cane or a walker.

What I came up with is a cross between a vest and a shawl. Something that would be loose and "one size fits most", but that would close in front and under the arms so it couldn't fall off, and that would have pockets. I called it Carole's Embrace. While working I altered the pattern a few times, and in the end it came out pretty well.

Of course, once I finished I realized that it was too large for my mother-in-law and that my front closure, while a nice idea, just doesn't work well. So, I'm back to the drawing board. I've already started working on a revision that I think will work better. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the design process.


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