Friday, September 08, 2006
Important lessons
Today I learned an important lesson.

I've been waiting for some good news. There was a great opportunity that I thought I could take advantage of. I was so very excited about it. Making all sorts of plans. Well, things didn't go like I had hoped. I'm incredibly disappointed, and yes, I shed a few tears, but overall I feel ok.

Now, I am a Worm of strong emotions, and I don't generally deal well with great disappointments, but somehow I'm able to keep this one in perspective. I didn't get what I want, but I am married to an amazing man, I have my health, I have family and friends, and in the big picture this lost opportunity isn't earth shatteringly painful.

A few months ago this probably would have had me spending a few days moping. Instead, I'm disappointed but hopeful. I know that there will be more opportunities. I know that its not a good idea to count chickens before they hatch. I know that even when I want something so badly that I can taste it, not getting it won't ruin my life.

So I'm sad, and I'm sure I'll shed a few more tears, but life should be a celebration of accomplishments and love - not a mourning of things lost or unattainable.

So does this mean I'm growing up? Nah. I'm still a kid at heart, but maybe, just maybe, I'm getting a little bit healthier in my outlook.


Blogger Leslie said...

Oh no! Is this what I think it is?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not only a creative young lady with incredable talent but you are now wiser than most. Amazing

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