Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Remember Integrity?
Please tell me its not a thing of the past. I'm very saddened by things that I hear and read about copyright violations and pattern theft. No matter what people might think about details of the copyright laws, most people agree that theft and plagiarism is wrong. It's not right to take credit for somebody else's work - we teach that to our kids at a very young age.

Lately, I have heard many designers rightfully complaining about their original designs being stolen. It's really sad.

I crochet mostly for charity, and many (if not most) of the work I do is created from designs that I find for free on the web. The designers have been nice enough to share their patterns free of charge provided that they are given credit for the design and that items made from those designs are not sold for profit. It's very generous of them! Because of their generosity, I have been able to donate many things to hospitals, people in need, and pet shelters.

I have also purchased patterns to create charity goods. The patterns clearly state that I may use the designs for personal use, gifts, and charitable donations, but I may not use them to sell items for profit.

When people illegally share patterns, they are stealing from the designer, and they are hurting the entire craft community. It is through the generosity of the designers that I have been able to donate such nice things. If designers stop sharing and/or selling their work, not only do they lose income, but I lose access to patterns. Designers lose, crafters lose and ulitmately the charities that we support lose.

- First of all, understand the law.
- Second, now that you understand the law, choose to obey the law!
Third, tell others what you have learned.

I still believe that most people have integrity and respect. I hope I'm right.


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