Tuesday, August 01, 2006
A crocheter's confession
I have to confess.

This brings me great shame.

As a crocheter, I should be be actively hoarding anything that can improve my craft. I stash yarn and patterns, but there is one thing that just eeks me out.


Many great crocheters who I REALLY admire have wonderful lifelike dolls with which to design and model their work. I like making baby and toddler clothing, and having a life-sized doll to check my sizing could only improve my finished pieces, but whenever I see them, I get a sort of queasy feeling.

These dolls are actually quite adorable. They really are very very lifelike, and at first glance I usually think I'm looking at a real baby. Here's a site that sells some amazing dolls. They're wonderful! And they should be considering they sell for $129 to $200!!!!

I think that my problems is that they are too nice. I "see" a baby, and then the realization that it is plastic totally freaks me out!

I certainly don't want to offend any crocheters out there that have these lovely dolls. I do admire them, and I certainly admire the work that you all make. There is just something about this cute little baby dolls - I have images of them growing up into little Chuckies and racing around the house unwinding my yarn and threatening guests with aluminum hooks.


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