Friday, July 28, 2006
Too Too Too Cute!
Ok, I just bought some patterns and I'm SOOOO excited.
These were designed by the wonderful and famous Cupcake (designer of the tea cozy and fan bookmark featured here).

Tell me that these are not the cutest and most useful little things ever! They're pot toppers. Like a hot pad to lift the cover off of hot casseroles. I LOVE them!!!

I must finish all my other works in progress first, so it may take some time for me to make these, but if you crochet, you too can buy the pattern for yourself at her etsy shop.


Blogger Leslie said...

Well, ok, I'll give you useful on those. I'd probably buy a plain one or one that was a dog or cat. lol

Anonymous Cindy said...

OMG! I want you to get permission to make those and sell them. I cannot crochet - it'd be easier for me to learn to tapdance at the moment - but I am lusting after so many of her things! You can tell her that I am a huge fan of her patterns. And that I wish she'd stop posting pictures, because that just fuels my wishlist.

Ok, kidding, she can post them. But I will drool all over my monitor.

Anonymous Helen said...

These are just too adorable. If you could sell them, I would put in an order for Christmas--what great stocking stuffers!

Blogger Wormie said...

Sorry Cindy and Helen. These are Crochetroo's copyrighted patterns so only she can sell them. You have 3 choices. You can beg Crochetroo to make some and sell them to you. You can learn to crochet and buy the pattern from Crochetroo. Or you can see if you have a friend who purchased the pattern and might consider making one for you as a gift. :-D

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