Friday, July 14, 2006
Tea and Cupcakes, Anyone?

I have a dear friend who is crazy about tea, so when I got serious about crochet, I promised to make her a tea cosy. Recently Cupcake (the same designer who created the fan bookmark) published a new design for a popcorn style Tea Cosy. I love it and decided that I had to make it.

It was really fun! I've never done anything using popcorn stitch before, and I enjoyed it, and love the texture it gives the piece. For this cosy and hot pad I used Lion Brand Cotton in three shades. I think it's cheery, and I'm sure my friend will like it. Sadly, I don't have the right size and shape tea pot to model it properly, but my friend assures me that she does.

If you want to make this cosy and/or hot pad, you can purchase the pattern here for $3. And if you do, check out some of her other patterns - she creates some wonderful designs!!!


Anonymous Cindy said...

OMG!!! Your friend who's crazy about tea is also crazy about her new tea cozy. I love it! I love you, too.

P.S. - my favourite tea pot will look lovely in her new coat!

Blogger cupcake said...

wacky do that turned out fabulous! The colours are dinky di terrific!

Blogger Wormie said...

Wacky do? Dinky Di Terrific?
Either you really like it or you've been hitting the Fosters! LOL! Thank you, Cupcake! I really loved making it. It's a wonderful pattern!

Anonymous Cindy said...

Delia, I just went to cupcake's blog, and her things are just wonderful! The cute platypuses make me want to learn to crochet, and I would make an entire family of koalas just for the Four Horsemen- she is really talented. I'm glad you posted her link.


Blogger Lynn / vigilant20 said...

What a great set :)

Blogger Fe said...

wow! i just love the colors and that is really cozy.

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